Wordle Words

Nov 19, 2022

Words Weave Tales About Words

Photo by Nils Huenerfuerst on Unsplash

Wordle is a game involving a series of guesses as the participant tries to discover that day’s ‘5-letter’ word answer. It is an often-frustrating process of elimination as ‘correct’ letters narrow down the potential answers. Frustrating is the word. I wrote a poem about it, a poem of 5-letter words.

Games About Words

Brain Aches. Nerds

Start Words Count

Minds Sense Doubt

Paper Fills. Rages

Stray Words, Pages

Brave Brain Hurts

Never Guess. Alert

Heard About Rumor

Never Avoid Humor

Curse Those Phews

Never Offer Clues

Starts Weeks Badly

Often Color Moods

Build, Learn, Cheat

First Prize, Great




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