So, What Are You Doing With All Those Notes

There are lots of notes.

Too many, really. OK, so probably not ‘too many’ if I actually did something with them.

I have books full of them. Scribbles. ‘To Do’ lists. Notes with doodles next to them. Lines and arrows, which create an order. Plans. Dreams. Words that showed I was listening at the time. Notes that suggest I wasn’t listening at all. Work ones. Ideas about play. Creative moments. Functional lists of the things that need to be done today … or tomorrow, when I have time; probably after I finish writing these damn lists.

So, books full of them.

Maybe it’s the books that are the problem. I like stationery. No, I think I probably love stationery. I crave that notebook. I know I have others at home that need to be filled before that one gets its turn … but there’s no way it can stay in the shop now that I’ve seen it. The one with ‘Done is better than Perfect’ emblazoned on its cover. Unfortunately, the only ‘done’ is the whole buying the notebook thing. Mind you, it is rather perfect. Beautiful orange spine … hard cover … thick pages of different hues … it is a pleasure to draw my fountain pen across those pages. Mm, now that is a notebook. And it is full of words … ‘to do’ lists, notes with doodles next to them, lines and arrows, which create an order to the plans and dreams.

Aw, man, I’ve done it again. Another book; more notes.

I have to do something with them. Something purposeful. Those notes need to become a ‘something’.

Maybe, just maybe, it is time to slide them off those pages — beautiful though they are — and onto the laptop screen. Perhaps it is time to write them up. Into thoughts for sharing.

I should probably just get started on that.



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