People encouraged me to write about encouraging folk to do their thing. Which is encouraging.

There will be a 1001 books about the formalities of ‘encouragement’. We’ve probably all reached onto the Self Help book shelf at least once to grab a ‘can’t fail, how do I give myself the required kick-up-the-backside’ book that will change everything. Did it help?

So, what do I need encouraged to do? What’s the thing that I need a kick up the backside to do? How do I make the breakthrough?

My thing is writing. Well, I think it is. I have words. When I sit down to scribble them, they seem to flow ok. Sometimes in the right order. Mostly without needing any adjustments before they make sense.

So, I have it in my head that I should write something. So what’s stopping me? Lack of encouragement? Not so much … folk are occasionally kind enough to suggest I should produce a book. That’s encouragement enough, surely.

Time. Accepted, time was a thing. Busy day job. No real capacity left for original thought. Yep, pretty much been there and got the granddad shirt.

What if that barrier was removed?

Subject? Tricky to narrow things down, isn’t it? Is it? I mean, really?

Look, all I do is find ways to encourage and support people and their passions. My working life has really been about providing an environment within which folk can thrive. Even our small business life has been about championing the small guys and shouting up for their talent. What am I going to write about?

Oh, hang on. I see what you did there.

Write about the subtle art of encouraging others, you say? Finding ways to allow others to shine? Mm, I see what you mean. Yep, I could probably do that. I think some folk might find that encouraging. It might turn out to be pretty uplifting finding ways to lift people up with words and recognition and celebration of what they’re doing. What if sharing the stuff you relish with other people not only encourages the folk who are doing it but also strikes a chord with the ones you’re sharing it with. And, what if they also became supporters of the talented folk. Or maybe they even found encouragement to push forward with their own passion project.

Now that would be cool. They’d need some confidence to do that, I imagine.

Maybe I could write about that.

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