Bitesize Calls to Action

Photo by Gritte on Unsplash

Lockdown has been the perfect time to get into podcasts.

Surely, we are the slowest of adopters … yes, my name is Barrie and I am behind the drag curve. We wrote about it recently — at least we shared what we’ve been listening to; to be fair, you’d probably been listening to it already.

This week’s podcast discovery is the ‘Little Challenges’ series by Katie Elliott. It is a series that offers practical tools, ideas and inspiration to “make the messy business of being human just a little bit easier”. Bite size — less than half an hour at a time. Not too big a commitment but packed full of flavoursome titbits.

There’s always that slightly awkward moment when you discovered a rich vein of content that has been around for quite some time.

Where do I start?

Yeah, ok, I could start at the beginning, you bluff old traditionalist.

Or dive straight into an interview with someone we know.

There’s always a third way … so first up, Rob Moore, whose business is behaviour change; he uses marketing techniques for good. This is about guiding our conscious thinking towards the things we know we should be doing more of — like listening to engaging and inspirational podcasts. This feels very much like Katie Elliott’s field too and so you are treated to a gentle but energised to and fro about practicalities and the tricks you can play with your mind to move yourself into a space where ‘doing the right thing’ uses your sub conscious to becoming increasingly intuitive.

Great start. Where next?

Charlie Gladstone … perfect. We’re fans — supporters — friends, even. The Good Life Experience is a regular source of inspiration and Charlie’s Mavericks Podcast usually has him firing off the questions and guiding the conversation. This episode sees Katie and Charlie — both previous speakers at DO Lectures — spark off one another in a discussion with ‘confidence’ as an underlying theme.

My notebook page has a series of bitesize gems to feast on:

People remember how you made them feel.

Constant acts of kindness can change people’s lives.

Impatience is a virtue.

Say what you are going to do … and do it.

Lots to get our teeth into.

What are you listening to?



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