Words Weave Tales About Words

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Wordle is a game involving a series of guesses as the participant tries to discover that day’s ‘5-letter’ word answer. It is an often-frustrating process of elimination as ‘correct’ letters narrow down the potential answers. Frustrating is the word. I wrote a poem about it, a poem of 5-letter words.

Games About Words

Brain Aches. Nerds

Start Words Count

Minds Sense Doubt

Paper Fills. Rages

Stray Words, Pages

Brave Brain Hurts

Never Guess. Alert

Heard About Rumor

Never Avoid Humor

Curse Those Phews

Never Offer Clues

Starts Weeks Badly

Often Color Moods

Build, Learn, Cheat

First Prize, Great



A poem (in the style of Brian Bilston)

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We see ya

With your dizzying directions

And your Swedish inflections

Your cute little names

Making it all fun and games

Wide choice of candles

Cupboards with no handles

We’ll have the yellow octopus

Maybe for Olivia, maybe for us

Random orchid

Of course, we did

Three-piece bucket

Naturally, fuck it

Christmas ginger thins

Which come in red tins

Cookery book stand

Just came away in my hand

Twisting and turning

Returning, never learning

Go the right way

Or get a loud “HEJ”

All the stuff we never needed

Well, not until we see’d it


We see ya




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